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Santa Fe Indian School Athletic Facility

Santa Fe Indian School Athletic Facility

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Synthetic Turf Baseball Outfield

Synthetic Turf Softball Outfield

& Track Resurface


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Track & Field

Building the Best for Your Athletes

We Know Quality Tracks

Our team of trained experts use precise tools and extensive

experience to create track and field elements of the highest quality, and we’ve been doing it that way from day one.


Extend the life of your track with a complete resurface. Our track experts can help you find the right resurface system for your track, and give your facility a fresh look.

A quality track resurface is a fantastic alternative for schools that need a new track— but can probably get a little more life out of the old one. You can add years to your track and dollars back into your budget with a LMC track resurface.


Our desert home is tough on tracks. Weather, wear and tear, poor quality installation, misuse, and more can all create cracks, holes and problems on your track. Stay on top of your safety standards and the  quality of your track with a yearly inspection.

Let our track experts inspect your track. We can make the necessary repairs and recommendations  as well as counsel your facilities management on issues to expect or expenses to plan for. Keeping your track well maintained helps to keep your athletes safe and your schools getting the most benefit from your facilities.


Whether it’s a brand new track or an  brand new surface in an existing facility, the time comes for  a new track. When you are building a new track, look no further than the award winning experts at Lone Mountain Contracting. From inception to Grand Opening, we take pride in our work and care of our clients. We’re

thorough, experienced, and local— our kids run on our tracks, so we make sure to build the very best.