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ISSUE LMC’s Solution How We Do It
I’m   worried about how long my project might take We   often decrease project completion times by 50-75% (vs. traditional methods)
  •   Using our integrated Design/Build   approach, we reduce design time from 3-6 months to one month
  •   LMC will eliminate the need for an open bid — reducing the   time you receive your price from 6 weeks to 2 weeks
I’m   concerned about how much my project might cost Through   the LMC Design/Build   process we often can offer savings of between 7-10% (vs. traditional   methods)
  •   With over 25 years of experience, we have the expertise to   price your job fairly and correctly
  •   We design to meet your budget using actual costs and not   estimated pricing
  •   We provide options to help meet your budget
I   already have an architect but am afraid he or she might not be familiar with   the challenges of my project Although   we have expert in-house designers, we’d be happy to work with (and educate)   your architect
  •   LMC believes that achieving the best results comes from a   close partnership with our clients. We   work with you
We are   interested in building a new athletic field and want to know the advantages   of utilizing artificial turf as opposed to natural turf We   have a great deal of experience with both natural and artifical turf and can   explain the pros and cons of each. In terms of cost over lifetime, our   clients have found that artifical turf provides significant cost savings
  •   LMC is a strategic partner with Shaw Sportexe, a leading   manufacturer of artificial turf
  •   LMC and Shaw Sportexe will bring you a turnkey solution   from design to implementation
Can I   purchase directly from a contractor without going through a bid process? Yes.   LMC can provide services through Cooperative Education Services (CES) or GSA   contracts
  •   Last year LMC was the top producing general contractor   utilizing CES
If I   go out to bid, I how do I make sure the low bid is the most qualified for   this type of work? Using   CES you can come directly to LMC and have an experienced contractor to build   your new facility or renovate your existing buildings
  •   We have staff that are experts in various aspects of any   construction project
I am   not the only decision-maker involved with my project. Do you work with teams   or committees? LMC   can meet with your team and give a presentation to show the benefits of   working with us
  •   LMC can give a presentation to one person — or a room   filled with board members and community members
I’ve   been told that tracks and fields are relatively simple construction projects   that can be performed by nearly any contractor. Is this true? Unfortunately,   most contractors don’t know the intricate details or the small tolerances   that go into building an athletic facility.

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