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Albuquerque Baseball Complex Phase 1

Albuquerque Baseball Complex Phase 1

Albuquerque, NM

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Santa Fe Indian School Athletic Facility

Santa Fe Indian School Athletic Facility

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Synthetic Turf Baseball Outfield

Synthetic Turf Softball Outfield

& Track Resurface


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New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University

2016 Recurrently completed Baseball Field!

Synthetic Turf Infield and Sod Outfield.

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Grooming/G-Max Testing

Turf Groomer

Provides Turf Grooming Services

Distributor of Greens Groomer Worldwide

Why Groom?

Turf is an Investment

  • With proper maintenance, prevent premature degradation of fibers.
  • Maximize the longevity of your turf.

Safety First

  • Maintains high traffic areas in correcting uneven & unsafe surface due to infill displacement.
  • Overtime infill compacts, changes, settles & shifts, resulting in a hard and slippery surface. Relieve infill compaction with deep grooming and infill replacement, which will maintain the G-Max levels for safe play.
  • Removes foreign debris that collect over time.


  • Provides a surface that is consistent and brings confidence to the athlete

Deep Grooming

How is standard turf maintenance different from LMC’s Deep Grooming?

  • Professional field inspection and reporting
  • Infill depth check
  • De-compaction of infill beneath the surface
  • Add additional infill if needed
  • Redistribute and level infill in high traffic

areas, placing infill between the fibers

  • Remove foreign debris and contaminants

G-Max Testing

Is your field safe? LMC offers in House & Third Party G-Max testing as a CES Vendor with equipment and staffing that meet ATSM

standards and certifications. Why Test?

  • Annual testing demonstrates a serious and proactive commitment to safety
  • Fields rarely become unsafe overnight, testing once a year can provide a warning of emerging safety issues
  • Significant changes in g-max readings can be an early sign that problems are developing within the turf system – an annual test can alert you to these problems before they become critical
  • Annual testing generates a meaningful historical record that can be important if warranty or liability issues arise
  • Testing once a year isn’t a “budget buster”, but a reasonable expense of keeping safety ratings in your facilities.

Synthetic Turf

Lone Mountain Contracting was presented with an award from, American Sports Builders Association, in the distinguished Multi-field category for its work on the design and construction of Scott Park, in Silver City New Mexico.