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Albuquerque Baseball Complex Phase 1

Albuquerque Baseball Complex Phase 1

Albuquerque, NM

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Santa Fe Indian School Athletic Facility

Santa Fe Indian School Athletic Facility

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Synthetic Turf Baseball Outfield

Synthetic Turf Softball Outfield

& Track Resurface


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Hispano Chamber Of Commerce Article

King of the Mountain – Nick Blea, President of Lone Mountain Contracting: A Conversation

2:25 PM
Carlos Contreras

Hello, out there. We hope you are doing well on this fine Monday. We are happy to be doing the business of supporting business in New Mexico. We here at the ABQ Hispano Chamber, are always pleased and amazed by the reach of our Membership. We are well aware that within our 1,400 Member book of business, there is a multitude of services and goods being offered. We are just always made completely happy when we see just how dynamic the range of our Membership is.

We were reminded of the scale of the work, in regards to our Members, when we recently took some time to speak with one of our appreciated Members, Lone Mountain Contracting. When we say the scale of work, we do have some pun-intended there – as Lone Mountain Contracting just so happens to be in the business of large scale sports facility builds!

Lone Mountain, President and CEO Nick Blea recently answered a few questions we had for him. Mr. Blea is an incredibly busy man, so we appreciated the time and attention he gave our inquiries. We mainly wanted to know about the growth, the clientele, and the accomplishments of Lone Mountain Contracting. Mr. Blea was quick to provide us with some answers. What we do want to note about Mr. Blea’s fielding and answering of our questions, is that his focus was not really on his business, so much as it was on the communities his business impacts. He spoke to some of his “favorite” projects when we gave him the opportunity.

“Our favorite projects are when we get to work with schools and communities that put a ton of effort and enthusiasm into their youth development programs—where we get to see the spirit of community span generations. At Hatch Valley Schools we got to attend a grand opening of a field we built where they honored their most titled softball coach in school history. Her students and athletes from the 1980s and 1990s attended in droves to say thank you and give encouragement to HVPS students today. In the City of Rio Rancho, we got to put up lights at a Little League complex and were able to see firsthand the impact of an active and committed Little League—they were directly responsible for making that project happen. All over New Mexico communities small and large, work hard to make sure their kids have the best opportunities available, so it is a huge privilege when we get to be a part of making those dreams a reality,” he said.

It was easy to see that the commitment to community by Lone Mountain is one that is taken very seriously. Their dedication to doing an amazing job, while honoring the needs of those they are doing the job for, is something we as the ABQ Hispano Chamber are proud to say we support and also practice in our efforts to serve. As we discussed the future of Lone Mountain, and asked Nick to tell future clients how he and Lone Mountain can be of service, he summed it up by saying “How can we help? A unique thing about LMC is that we don’t just show up to build your facility—we can be there from the day the idea gets put on the table. We can design it, assist in producing renderings and PR material, help connect a school with a grant writer, make presentations to boards or communities—whatever a client needs to get a project off the ground. Our work consistently gets nationally recognized (#1 in the US for 2015!), and our goal is not only to build high quality and safe facilities, but to serve the communities we work in as well.”

Sounds great right? Want to read about and learn more about Lone Mountain, Please visit their FaceBook.

New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University

2016 Recurrently completed Baseball Field!

Synthetic Turf Infield and Sod Outfield.

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Grooming/G-Max Testing

Turf Groomer

Provides Turf Grooming Services

Distributor of Greens Groomer Worldwide

Why Groom?

Turf is an Investment

  • With proper maintenance, prevent premature degradation of fibers.
  • Maximize the longevity of your turf.

Safety First

  • Maintains high traffic areas in correcting uneven & unsafe surface due to infill displacement.
  • Overtime infill compacts, changes, settles & shifts, resulting in a hard and slippery surface. Relieve infill compaction with deep grooming and infill replacement, which will maintain the G-Max levels for safe play.
  • Removes foreign debris that collect over time.


  • Provides a surface that is consistent and brings confidence to the athlete

Deep Grooming

How is standard turf maintenance different from LMC’s Deep Grooming?

  • Professional field inspection and reporting
  • Infill depth check
  • De-compaction of infill beneath the surface
  • Add additional infill if needed
  • Redistribute and level infill in high traffic

areas, placing infill between the fibers

  • Remove foreign debris and contaminants

G-Max Testing

Is your field safe? LMC offers in House & Third Party G-Max testing as a CES Vendor with equipment and staffing that meet ATSM

standards and certifications. Why Test?

  • Annual testing demonstrates a serious and proactive commitment to safety
  • Fields rarely become unsafe overnight, testing once a year can provide a warning of emerging safety issues
  • Significant changes in g-max readings can be an early sign that problems are developing within the turf system – an annual test can alert you to these problems before they become critical
  • Annual testing generates a meaningful historical record that can be important if warranty or liability issues arise
  • Testing once a year isn’t a “budget buster”, but a reasonable expense of keeping safety ratings in your facilities.